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As you may know i'm French.
My english level is not so bad so i wanted my website to be as middle-good in english as me.
That's why you may find some mistakes in my sentences but i don't wan't you to expect me speaking a perfect english and be dispointed the meting day.
Well i was born in Annecy in 1988, and i'm a photographer since only 3 years. I was the first surprised to see that i love photography. In my childhood i had never touch a camera, and i studied in a totally different way... 
I've never took any photography lesson... 
If you're not afraid and still reading i can tell you that photography is very logical. You just have to try, and want to understand why theses settings make the pictures like this...
Today, even if i'm learning new things everyday, because, when you know perfectly your camera, you have to know the lights, the darks, photoshop, and make people smiling.... It's a never end way i think.... You will always find something new...
Wedding photography is the most difficult photography because in a wedding day, you'll have to work in all light conditions, in new places you don't know, and with people who will be the first time. It's a all-day challenge that motivate me more at every wedding !
I'll let you visit the website, and hoping you'll like it.
I wish you all the best
Benjamin Delerue
SIRET :  519 786 198 00019